One of the characteristics that distinguish good from great companies is the ability to listen to their customer's voice.

Did you know 78% of consumers have bailed on a transaction or not made an intended purchase because of a poor service experience?
Source: American Express Survey, 2011

Quick, Rate Me! Is a mobile location-based feedback service designed for your customers.

So you know before they go

All you need is an account on tenqyu. And you are ready to go!

  • Location Based
  • Mobile
  • Fast
  • Fun and Easy
  • Secure
  • Level up your customer knowledge

No additional hardware

No clunky and expensive hardware setup needed in your sales area that needs maintenance with no benefit. Quick, Rate Me! is an agile fun way to connect with your customers. Simply manage customer feedback the right way.

Mobile enabled

Have your customers voice their opinion through the tools they value. Their own mobile phones.Use tablets and smartphones and receive suggestions*requires Qyu of your customers, employees and partners to improve your business.

Top data analytics

Monitor the performance of your team or your entire organization day by day. Receive up-to-date information about your customers opinions. Gather valuable data about your business in real-time. Turn complaints into returning customers.

How does Quick, Rate Me! work?

In-store connect

Through a simple QR-Code scan, mobile check-in, or an in-store mobile display (Android, iOS, etc supported) your customers can easily connect to the rating website. This allows those valued individuals to provide a quick response about their satisfaction on location to the online sphere direct and effective.

Standard 5-level rating

Measure customer satisfaction through an easy-to-understand and well-established 5-degree Likert-scale . This tri-polar scaling method is measuring either positive, neutral, or negative responses allowing effective summation and groupings. Thus, providing an outstanding measurement of customer satisfaction.

Experience Matters

You know your business the best. You guide your customer experience through hard work and an emotional connect with your customers. And the success proves you right. Quick, rate me! gives you another effective tool to make sure it stays this way and you can focus your attention where it matters.

Confidence in your decision-making

Decision-making is not an easy task. Having a decision making process that works for you is vital to your success and it can make your life much easier. Quick, Rate Me! supports your decision making process through well-designed performance indicators and easy to understand reports.

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